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Hug-Me-Tight Nanny Bot

Hug-Me-Tight Nanny Bots were big electric machines with immense arms, built originally built by GrummelNet and later sold to Tachyon's Empire. Qwark revealed they were built by GrummelNet as a children's toy but were recalled due to "packing 10,000 volt punch." They were later sold to the Tachyon's Empire as gladiators or heavy duty security forces for the Imperial Fight Festival on Mukow. Their strength was strong and armor moderate and only attacked at close range. These behemoths attacked by hovering over a target before attempting to crush them with their arms. If being even a meter away from them, their arms could slam into targets and could kill them instantly if on low health.

Ratchet only encountered them in the Imperial Fight Festival on Mukow.


It is advised that you did not use the OmniWrench 3000 or any electrical weapons, but you instead used a long range weapon like the Predator Launcher or Plasma Stalker to kill them instead.

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