Hoverbots were robotic soldiers created by Nefarious to protect his Deep Sea Hideout from Amoeboids and intruders. The Hoverbots used flamethrowers which could be used to attack an intruder from a considerable distance or from close range. Depending on the situation, the Hoverbots would either use the flamethrower normally or as a standard blaster.

Related robot models

Hoverbots were more an advanced variant of the ExtermiBot.


  • The Hoverbots appear to have been created to protect specific areas of the underwater facility. They would not leave their designated area if Ratchet tried to escape to go after him. Instead, they would return to their posts and keep patrolling.
  • If the Hoverbots were facing Ratchet and Amoeboid creatures, they would prioritise the Ameboids and attack them first, leaving them vulnerable to Ratchet's attacks.


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