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Hoverboard races are popular in the Solana Galaxy while in the Bogon Galaxy, they preferred Hoverbikes. In Hoverboard races, Ratchet raced against other (computer generated and controlled Rigellian) racers to win prizes. The first of two races in Ratchet and Clank was in Blackwater City, where Ratchet and Clank raced against other hoverboarders on behalf of Skidd McMarx, who was stranded on Aridia. You received the Platinum Zoomerator when you had won the first race, which allowed you to gain a higher score, greater speed, and better tricks. The second race was at the Gadgetron Site on Kalebo III. Here, Ratchet competed against Gadgetron test bots in order to win the Hologuise. In this race,


In Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, Ratchet and Clank went skyboarding. Skyboarding is very similar to Hoverboarding, with very little differences between the two. They went Skyboarding two different times: first on the planet Kalidon, and secondly on the remains of Medical Outpost Omega.


  • The Kalebo III course was unusual, because when you looked down from the factory platforms, you could see that the course was underwater. This could possibly mean that the course was drained when played or that it rose from the sea floor.
  • In the re-imaging Ratchet drains the water with the Hydrodisplacer.