Ratchet performing a trick at the competition

The HoverCon Intergalactic Hoverboard Competition was an annual hoverboard race held in Blackwater City on Rilgar. Contestants signed up with the Hoverboard girl in the Raceway Plaze, and the winner of the race was rewarded a Platinum Zoomerator, which was given to them by Qwark.



Ratchet and Clank won the competition in the year 5354 (as was revealed in the epilogue) and were rewarded the Platinum Zoomerator.


  • The race was sponsored by HoverCon, although Gadgetron was the only known maker of hoverboards.
  • It is possible that Skid McMarx was one of the four racers because they were all dressed like him.
  • Captain Qwark did not present the reward in person.