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I believe planet Hoven is a source of that element.
Clank, to Ratchet, on where to find Raritanium, R&C

Hoven was a planet in the Solana Galaxy. A desolate world covered with ice and snow, and is covered in ice mining facilities. It is here that Drek first tried to eradicate the planet from the map using the PlanetBuster Maximus, which was manufactured at the Hoven Bomb Factory by the Blarg. The water on Hoven is the coldest in the galaxy.


Hoven Ice Cave

Ratchet and Clank using the Swingshot on Hoven

Located in the Solana Galaxy, Hoven is covered in ice and snow. Despite the cold climate, there is still some flowing water. Ratchet cannot swim in it; however, and if he falls (or jumps) into it he will become frozen in a bock of ice and the level will restart. Large mountains pierce the ice, and various companies use these to build their Raritanium mining facilities to dig deep beneath the surface for the precious metal. The Blarg used the planet to build the PlanetBuster Maximus, which was built at the Hoven Bomb Factory. Edwina also built her Roboshack here, which was located in a mountain pass that could only be accessed by climbing through ice caves.

PlanetBuster Maximus' Ship

The PlanetBuster Maximus' Starship on Planet Hoven

The planet had very little life forms: the small predator Anklebiters, are the only known species on Hoven. This was probably due to the climate of the planet being so cold, that most creatures would not be able to thrive in it.


Bomb Factory

The Bomb Factory was an explosive factory on Hoven. It was originally a built by the locals of Hoven for the production of explosives. Miners would use these explosives built by the factory for the mining of ice, Raritanium and other forms of ore, which would later be shipped off world.

Hovenpic small

During the Blarg crisis, Blarg forces under the orders of their leader, Drek, invaded Hoven, capturing the Bomb Factory and sending the workers and miners backing, as their defenses proved to be no match for the Blarg. Blarg specialists such as the Blarg Scientist were held at gunpoint by Drek's underlings (such as the Robot Lieutenant) to find the perfect orbit for Drek's newly completed planet in order for the Blarg's to habitat it following the ruination of their homeworld Orxon.

Eventually, the Blarg Scientist discovered the perfect orbit for Drek's new world, unfortunately the orbit was already filled by another planet: Veldin. Undeterred, Drek insisted that Veldin would simply have to be destroyed to make room for his new world. With that, the Blarg scientists (such as the Blarg Scientist) devised to build something that would be able to demolish an entire planet. The Blarg thus converted the Bomb Factory from building mining explosives to building the ultimate bomb, the PlanetBuster Maximus.

With its completion, the Blarg brought in a ship to tow the bomb to the Veldin Orbit in order to drop the bomb onto Veldin and thus destroy it. Ratchet and Clank soon arrived, and attempted to stop the ship from leaving the factory, taking out station Blarg forces throughout the area. The Blarg began to take off, but Ratchet commandeered a defense turret around the factory and shot down the massive ship, causing it and the PlanetBuster Maximus to fall into the frozen water below the factory.

Edwina's Robot Factory

Edwina's Shack

Edwina's roboshack on Hoven

A robot factory run by Edwina was located in the Bomb Factory area on Hoven.

Hoven Gorge

Hoven Gorge was a large gorge located on Hoven, it was the planet's most major battleground. Hoven Gorge was a multiplayer map in Up Your Arsenal's multiplayer.

Characters on Hoven



Behind the scenes

Hoven later appeared as a multiplayer map Hoven Gorge in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal.


  • Both inhabitants encountered on Hoven spoke with a Southern American accent.
  • Interestingly, the laser barriers do not have to be turned off for Ratchet to progress. Ratchet can literally just walk through the lasers.
  • The design of the planet is the same as Aridia, with different color.