Horny Toad

Sand toads, also called horny toads or horned toads, were a large species of toad native to Veldin. Although dangerous, they were cooked and eaten by the planet's inhabitants and were a good source of food.


Sand toads were dark bluish-green, bipedal, toad/froglike creature that moved in a hopping fashion, bouncing on their two back legs. They had stripes and spikes that ran along their backs. They appeared to only roam the Kyzil Plateau mostly during the daytime.


Sand toads attacked in numbers. Their large jaws were their only way of attacking their prey with an offensive bite.

Behind the scenes

Artwork Character Horny Toads

Sand Toad concept art

  • It is unknown as to why the name of the species was changed, although it might be because "horny" can mean sexual excitement.


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