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Horny Toad

Horny toads were wild creatures that dwelled on Planet Veldin and resembled bipedal toads. They were the first enemies Ratchet encountered in the original Ratchet & Clank game.

The actual name for the creature was revealed by Bob of Pokitaru, when he commented on how fast he had upgraded Clank with the Thruster-Pack.


Horny toads were orange, bipedal, toadlike creatures that moved in a hopping fashion, bouncing on its two back legs. Its front legs seem to be used for balance resulting in quick movement and agility. Horny toads had white spikes and dark brown stripes that ran along their back. This coloring could provide camouflage on the arid planet's surface.


Horny toads often attacked in numbers, using their agility to their advantage. Their large jaw produces their only attack, an offensive bite.



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