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Hoolefar Island

Ratchet, with a panoramic view of the island

QFB ratchet beach

Ratchet, after being shot of a cannon from the Azorean Sea, landed on a beach on Hoolefar Island

Hoolefar Island was an island in the middle of the Azorean Sea, Merdegraw. Hoolefar was the home of the Hoolefoids which were the beings that inhabited the island with their leader, Mayor Worley. Hoolefar had five Wind Turbines, and one Supply Beacon which was installed so that passing ships would know that the island was inhabited (electromagnetic interference makes finding the island difficult). Ratchet repaired all five turbines as well as the beacon, and Worley shows him the Obsidian Eye. The island is also poorly defended, as shown when the Hoolefoids activate the defenses: a single remodified Pirate Fusion Turret as well as some Hydro Mines protecting a secret cave. The Island is also home to Skreeducks, Heliogrubs and Anthropods. They are terrified of the undead curse of Angstrom Darkwater, but Ratchet saved them from the pirates.


Ratchet, near some Winds Turbines on Hoolefar Island

Ratchet washed up on the shore thereof after getting shot out a cannon. He lost all of his weapons.

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