Ratchet, holding the Hologuise.

The Hologuise, sometimes called the Holo-Guise, was a popular gadget. It enabled the user to disguise themselves with a hologram and appear to be any other organism or robot of their choosing. There have been different kinds of Hologuise gadgets made for specific purposes and functions, including one developed by Gadgetron producing a sentry-bot disguise, the Gadgetron Tyhrra-Guise, the GrummelNet Holo Pirate Disguise and the Agency Holo-Monocle.



Ratchet, disguised as a sentry-bot

Hologuises were often used by impersonators trying to fool enemies. Ratchet was known to have won a Hologuise as his prize for beating test bots in a hoverboard race on Kalebo III in the Solana Galaxy, receiving it from the Gadgetron CEO at the Gadgetron Site. It was designed to disguise the user as a sentry-bot, and the Lombax used it to infiltrate the Blarg Robot Factory on planet Quartu without alarming security. Inside the facility, Ratchet and his robotic companion, Clank, encountered the computer that created the sentry-bots. The computer provided them with an Infobot and they used this information to further the defeat of Drek.

Years later, in his search for Clank, who had been kidnapped by Doctor Nefarious in the Polaris Galaxy, Ratchet sought the aid of General Azimuth. Traveling to the exiled elder's home on Torren IV, Molonoth Fields, Ratchet approached Azimuth and was promptly attacked. Ratchet chased the hoverbooting general on grindrails, trying to convince him that he just wanted to talk. Azimuth believed that he was an assassin sent by Nefarious or his underling, Lord Vorselon; he rebuffed Ratchet's claim to be a Lombax by pointing out that the race was gone and was positive he was wearing a holo-guise. After seeing his face up-close; however, Azimuth realized he was in fact the son of Kaden.

Dr. Nefarious holo-guise

Ratchet and Clank's Dr. Nefarious holo-guise

Later, as Ratchet, Clank and Captain Qwark worked to thwart Dr. Nefarious's plans to take over the Great Clock, they infiltrated the Nefarious Space Station with the intention of trapping the mad scientist there and disallowing him from flying to the clock. To do this, they needed access to the Hypernova Defense Laser in order to atomize the doctor's fleet. With the gigamorphic holo-ray installed in Clank, they were able to get a scan of Nefarious and project a Hologuise of him over Ratchet. The only problem was that the auto-scaler was not tuned properly, leaving Ratchet's height unchanged. Despite this, the Nefarious Troopers and Terachnoids did not notice the difference.

The Lombax was able to command the Doctor's minions in his holographic disguise and, in mission control, successfully destroyed the docked ships. This event; however, alerted security to their presence. As they made their escape, Dr. Nefarious himself confronted them. As Captain Qwark clung to the disguised Ratchet, he pretended to be shocked when he saw the real Doctor glowering at them, still acting as his nurse persona on Nefarious's side; he let go of Ratchet and exclaimed "You're not Dr. Nefarious!" slapping him and disengaging the Hologuise. This facade; however, had been futile, and the three were captured.

Years later, Zurgo used a Hologuise of The Plumber to infiltrate in the Q-Force ship, and then used it to impersonate Qwark.


The Hologuise had a special variant called the Tyhrra-Guise; this variant only disguised the user as a Tyhrranoid; however, it also gave the user advanced knowledge of the Tyhrranoid language and customs, to allow for better infiltration.

The Holo Pirate Disguise was a variant of the Hologuise created by Emperor Tachyon for the sole purpose of spying on the space pirates.


  • While using a Hologuise, Ratchet could not use any weapons or gadgets, but he could only perform a simple action or disengage the Hologuise. While disguised as a Tyhrranoid by using the Tyhrra-Guise, on the other hand, he could also jump.
  • The Hologuise was featured in the Insomniac Museum in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando in its original design, which was a helmet.
  • While using a Hologuise, if the player returned to the Blarg Tactical Research Station and entered the area where he fought the Alien Queen, she would not fall from the roof and attack him.
  • If the player entered the Blackwater City hoverboard race with the sentry-bot Hologuise engaged, they could walk around the track freely. While walking on the track, crates could be destroyed an infinite number of times using the Taunter, so long as they were offscreen as they would respawn instantly when out the player's view. This was an easy way to get the R.Y.N.O. in Ratchet & Clank. This would not work in Ratchet & Clank Collection; however, using the decoy glove the user could do a similar glitch.
  • If one entered the Jet Fighter at Veldin Orbit with the sentry-bot Hologuise engaged, Ratchet would be standing on top of the jet.
  • It is possible that Angela Cross was using a Hologuise when she posed as "The Thief", as the mask she was wearing distorted her voice to make her appear male, she wore a hooded cape, sleeves and armour on her torso similar in appearance to the Electrosteel Armor. When her mask was removed, these cover-ups completely vanished.


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