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Holographic armor technology was a piece of technology that was introduced to Ratchet. The technology was used on all of the pieces of armor Ratchet wore. The technology allowed Ratchet to simply turn off his armour at times of need. When used on armor, it was known as holo-armor.

Armor used

Behind the scenes

The holographic armor technology served a major purpose to the developers of the game. The technology made the armor holographic, and; therefore, the wearer could simply turn it off at times when it was unnecessary. Such times were at non-realtime cutscenes, where the developers never knew what armour the player had put on Ratchet. Therefore, the solution was to turn off the armor at cutscenes, and Ratchet was simply wearing a colorless version of his armour with the helmet removed. This was possibly the reason Alister Azimuth was able to kill Ratchet easily.


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