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The Holoflux Armor was an armor that used holographic armor technology. Ratchet started A Crack in Time with it. It offered basic protectionand therefore had a minimal damage reduction. The suit circulates Nanotech based on the wearer's physiological signature; therefore, resulting in increased protection from whatever is attacking.


It had blue glowing pads on his wrists, shoulders and a circular pad on his back and another circular pad over the right side of his chest. The circular pads had a symbol that was unique to each holographic armor. The Holoflux armor had a symbol resembling a wrench.

Kaden wore a near-identical looking version of this armor, but it had small half-rings on his shoulders.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Pilot Suit holoflux armor

The Pilot Suit's Holoflux Armor color in All-Stars

The Holoflux Armor appeared both as an alternate coloration for Ratchet's default Pilot Suit costume, and as an unlockable costume for Ratchet with three additional palette swaps.



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