The Holo Pirate Disguise was a gadget that allowed the user to disguise himself as a space pirate and traverse space pirate-filled areas without being attacked, and allowed them to dance the Pirate Jig in order to pass by pirate doorkeepers. It's utility was greatly diminished when the space pirate soldiers on the Kreeli Comet realized it was merely a disguise that was being used by Ratchet. After that it only fooled the space pirate doorkeepers.

The Holo Pirate Disguise was created by Tachyon first in order to spy on the space pirates, though his apparent lack of rhythm prevented him from getting very far. He then made it a prize at the Imperial Fight Festival on Mukow, giving the winner a chance to spy on the pirates instead of him.


Be aware that picking up gold bolts while wearing the holo pirate disguise may cause it not to register as having been picked up but will still be removed from the location so that it cannot be picked up properly. This is of course most likely to happen on Ardolis, Kreeli Comet and Ublik Passage, where the holo pirate disguise is of the most use.


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