Although monocles seem unfashionable and antiquated, the utility of this far outweighs the fashion faux pax. It allows the wearer to take a picture of another robot and creates a holoprojection of that robot in order to effectively disguise the wearer.
―Gadget Description  [SAC]

The Holo-Monocle allowed the wearer to take a 3D picture of another robot to create a holoprojection of that robot in order to have the wearer disguised efficiently. However, if exactly the same robot found Clank, his disguise was blown.

Holo-Monocle usage

Clank using the Holo-Monocle

Clank acquired this incredibly helpful gadget when he went to High-Rollers Casino. Using the Holo-Monocle revealed information about the enemy, including information about the home planet, and what their classification is. If damaged or when you attack or when you want to jump, you become Clank again.


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