Henchbots attacking Clank

Hench bot

A Hench-Bot

Henchbots were small bots from Rionosis. They were used by Number Woo and Klunk. From time to time some of these Henchbots would be red and carried Dynamite. They also appeared in High-Rollers Casino where they helped players to cheat.

List of known Henchbots that served Klunk

  • Marvin The Instigator
  • Fidgity Stone
  • Ernie The Eruptor
  • Tarball The Compressor
  • Three-Tone McGee
  • Two-Fisted LeFeuvre
  • Squibbles The Rat
  • Lawrence Salerno
  • Odin Junior
  • Professor Bitesalot
  • Squeaks Patterson
  • Blanky The Snitch