The HelpDesk Girl, was a robot who worked for the Gadgetron HelpDesk on planet Kalebo III. She recorded help logs and sent them to the adventurers during their inter-planetary travels.


Ratchet & Clank

In Ratchet & Clank, she gave Ratchet and Clank the Map-o-Matic after they met her at the Gadgetron Site, informing them that she'd been keeping track of their adventure. The latter of the two began awkwardly flirting with her, when mere moments before Clank himself claimed it did not matter whether she was cute or not. After telling her that he hoped to see her round and left with Ratchet, he stated that he thought she liked him, to which Ratchet sarcastically replied that he was probably right.

Up Your Arsenal

Helpgirl sac

The apparent Helpgirl plays a waitress in an episode of "Secret Agent Clank"

In Up Your Arsenal what appeared to be the Helpgirl appears as a waitress in Maktar Casino in an episode of "Secret Agent Clank", in the episode she watched as Clank beat Maximillian at gambling and then when Ninja Bots appeared she threw a plate to Clank to help him defeat them, after Maximillian was beaten, she left with Clank to have Jeeves (Ratchet) bring the car around to take them home. She also appeared at the Secret Agent Clank film.


The waitress apparently played by the Helpgirl briefly appears at one point when Vox's News Crew are slandering Ratchet as a criminal.

Tools of Destruction

When Ratchet and Clank fought off Tachyon's invasion of Metropolis in Tools of Destruction she once again contacted them to provide support in their journey.

Behind the scenes


  • Megacorp appeared to have their own version of the Helpdesk Girl, though she is never seen.
  • The Plumber mentioned, at one point in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, that he had a wife; and during the Secret Agent Clank movie premiere at the end of the game he was shown trying to put him arm around HelpDesk Girl, suggesting that she might be his wife. However she merely moves his hand off her so this is unlikely.


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