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This stylish Tremendi briefcase has been outfitted with a MegaCorp Portable Rocket Engine 2,000 that dispenses a searing hot batch of fuel, which instantly ignites when it reacts with the air around it. Stylish? Yes. But obviously the product of mad science..
— Weapon Description, SAC

The Blowtorch Briefcase, also known as the Suitcase Flamethrower and originally titled Experiment #24, is a weapon in Secret Agent Clank created and found in the Venantonio laboratories.[1] It is a flamethrower that is contained within a briefcase.

The Blowtorch Briefcase is found in the Venantonio Secret Laboratory by Clank. It can be upgraded up to the Hellfire Haversack at V4 with use, with a larger range. Purchasing the molten bolt mod allows the weapon to fire a ball of flame after releasing the trigger In challenge mode, the Proto Hellfire Haversack can be purchased for 50,000 bolts.


The Blowtorch Briefcase is a black Tremendi briefcase outfitted with a MegaCorp Portable Rocket Engine 2000 that dispenses searing hot fuel igniting the air around it.


Clank and the oh whatever

Clank obtaining the Blowtorch Briefcase

The Blowtorch Briefcase is a flamethrower that has a short to medium range and decent damage. It is therefore useful against closer up enemies in a shorter range, particularly to mow down smaller enemies. It can also be used against larger enemies in a close range. The weapon is mostly ineffective against flying or longer range enemies.

While the ammo itself remains at 30 at each upgrade, each unit of ammo takes 1 second longer to be deleted at each level. At V4, the weapon upgrades to the Hellfire Haversack, which has a significantly larger range and more damage. Purchasing the molten bolt mod causes the weapon to shoot a fireball after the trigger is released, allowing it to be more versatile as it is effective at a longer range.


  1. Plaque on the stand the briefcase is first found on.