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Engineered by the Kerchu Phalanxes of Planet Jasindu, this powerful armor boasts three layers of cryofoam and duraplate omniguards for added protection. Absorbs up to 40% of all damage!
GrummelNet's description about Helios Armor  [ToD]

The Helios Armor was an armor engineered by the Kerchu Phalanxes of Planet Jasindu. It first became available for purchase on Rykan V for 100,000 bolts. The Helios Armor boasted three layers of cryofoam and duraplate omniguards for added protection, enabling the armor to absorb 40% of damage. This armor was much better that its predecessor, the Blackstar Armor, which possessed a damage reduction of only 25%.


The Helios Armor was a dirty yellow color with dark golden trim. It featured a helmet with a tinted visor, shoulder protection, shin guards, and metal reinforced gloves. A green chest plate with a gear symbol completed the armor's visual details. The only parts of Ratchet's body left exposed were his lower face, ears, and tail.


  • The Helios Armor was very similar to the armor used by Kerchu Pyroguards, as the Helios Armor was Kerchu-engineered.
  • "Helios" is possibly a reference the Greek god Helios, whose chariot of fire was thought to be the sun in ancient Greece.
  • The armor bears a striking resemblance to Reactor.


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