For Hardcore mode in A Crack in Time, see Hardcore mode (A Crack in Time).

Hardcore mode was a special mode which was unlocked in Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters and in Secret Agent Clank. It was only unlocked after the player had acquired 24 skill points(in Size Matters) and 65 skill points (in Secret Agent Clank).


In Hardcore mode, the player must start a game from scratch (however the save is not erased). The player cannot save and he/she comes back to the beginning of the game when the cheat is activated. This is the same in Secret Agent Clank; the player had to start the game from scratch, make their way to Klunk and defeat him.

This mode is available on all versions of the game (PlayStation Portable and PS2, PAL and NTSC).


Beating hardcore mode unlocks nothing, but the first ten people who beat this mode were featured on the High Impact Games website.[1]


Notes and references

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