Now entering the Hall of Villainy. If you see your face here, chances are you did not listen to your mother while you were growing up.
Docent 427  [ItN]

The Hall of Villainy was a hall in the Intergalactic Museum of History dedicated to infamous villains across the universe. It featured statues of Nefarious, Emperor Percival Tachyon, Ultimate Supreme Executive Chairman Drek, Gleeman Vox and Stuart Zurgo.

The Hall Villainy also featured several portraits, including the Battledome of the DreadZone Station, Pirate Base of planet Ardolis, Korgon Refinery of planet Markazia, Tombli Outpost of planet Zanifar, Outpost L51 of planet Sargasso, Metropolis of planet Kerwan, Kyzil Plateau of planet Veldin and Blackwater City of planet Rilgar.


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