Hall of Heroes (2)

The Hall of Heroes as it appears in the movie

Hall of Heroes

The Hall of Heroes as it appears in the game

The Hall of Heroes was the headquarters and home base of the Galactic Rangers. It was located in Aleero City on planet Kerwan. The headquarters was attacked by Drek's Warbot forces. Ratchet and Clank took down the warbot and Blarg forces thus saving the Hall of Heroes.


Central Control

The Hall of Heroes's security terminals were located here and was also the area where the support team consisting of Elaris and Clank would contact and assist the Rangers in combat.

VR Training Deck

The HQ had a special VR training for new recruits which Ratchet used to practice using new weapons.

Fitness course

Located just outside the Hall of Heroes was the fitness course, which was getting new recruits.



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