The Hacker was an infiltration device that hacked into computer systems through a Hacker Terminal. Unlike the Trespasser and Infiltrator, quick reflexes and timing were required to get past firewalls, encryption codes, and security bolts. It retrieved important data, unlocked doors, and activated devices.


In order to hack through doors, Ratchet had to collect green code snippets using the tractor beam which traveled down wires to the core. He also had to destroy the red defense programs using the cannon, otherwise the section would reset. Indestructible blue defenses protected the objects for a set period of time.


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  • The Hacker, along with an Electrolyzer and Infiltrator, all could be equipped in your hand through a bug, even though they all were items and therefore unequippable. This suggested that it was going to be a gadget at one point, just like the Trespasser.
  • The Hacker's puzzle design was based on the 1981 arcade game Tempest.[1]
  • There is an easter egg involving the Hacker that disables "auto-tuning" by crouching while using the gadget. Auto-tuning is a process used by game developers that reduces the difficulty of a game segment after each failure.[1]
  • If the player holds both L1 and R1 while in front of a Hacker Terminal, the player can replay the hacker puzzle. This was secretly added by Mike Stout.

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