Vote Gumblebrick.
―Gumblebrick  [ItN]

Mayor Gumblebrick was the former mayor of Zarkov Sector. He was the mayor of the sector when it was given Alpha-9 classification. He was constantly reminding citizens to vote for him in the next election and hiding up scandals. Gumblebrick was married.


Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus

Many years prior to Ratchet and Clank arriving in Weeblesnog City, Gumblebrick was mayor during the evacuation of the Zarkov Sector to the nearest non-haunted sector. Before leaving Weeblesnog City, Gumblebrick made many announcements and was also suspected to have had his men raid the bank and move all of the bolts onto his personal shuttle, claiming that it was the ghosts who took it.


Notes and references

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