Guard Bot

{{ |health = 40 |damage = 15 }} Guard Bots were Nefarious's elite guards.[1] They were created to patrol Nefarious's weapon facilities.[1] They hovered on patrols with arms that were actually large dual miniguns.[2] The Guard Bots had moderate armor.[1] If given the opportunity, the Guard Bots could dispatch Ratchet quite easily with a long attack range and immense strength.[1] Guard Bots were first encountered by Ratchet and Clank at the Daxx Research Facility.[1][2] Whenever it got hit by a powerful-enough weapon from Ratchet, which varied depending on which planet it was fought on, it would make a noise that sounded almost like screaming.


It is best to use the Annihilator against the Guard Bot, as the Guard Bot can be destroyed in one shot therewith (depends on which planet you fight them and what level the Annihilator is at that time).[2] Long range weapons are most effective as the Guard Bot has long range attacks.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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