Ratchet against Grungarians FFA

Ratchet fighting Grungoids and a Grungarian Brawler

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A Grungarian Soldier

Get away from my Planetary Defense Center you Grungarian scum!
— Ex-President Qwark fighting off Grungarian forces near a Planetary Defense Center., FFA

Grungarians were a race in Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault.[1] A nomadic species of marauders, the Grungarians were notorious for pillaging and looting entire worlds.


Description and biology

Grungarians were by far the most bizarre species in Ratchet's universe, and were highly diversified in their own species, even more so than the Tyhrranoids.

The smallest member of the Grungarians was the Grungoid, a six-legged critter with a large jaw and a single large eye. They typically were blue in color, but they were also purple, pink and a bluish green. They typically served as cannon fodder for Grungarian Marauders, as well as operating turrets.

Next was the brawler subtype, a purple bipedal creature with 5 to 7 eyes, a beak mouth, and two squid-like arms with retractable spikes to smash foes with. They appeared to be of a higher rank than Grungoids, but of a lower rank then the other Grungarian types.

Next were the demolitionist subtype, which looked like a brutish version of the Smuggler with the large jaw of a predator. These creatures appeared to be the leaders of the Grungarians and possibly the smartest, since they operated a lot of high-tech equipment. They made up the Grungarian Demolitionist rank, as well as piloting the vehicles.

Finally there was the soldier subtype, slightly resembling the demolitionist subtype, but with brown skin and a sabertooth mouth; they typically served as soldiers.

All the Grungarian subtypes, besides the Grungoid subtype, appear not to be completely adjusted to breathing in oxygen, as they where protective glass domes over their heads at all time, although they apparently are capable of breathing oxygen nevertheless when their glass helmets were compromised. All the Grungarian subtypes seem to share traits with aquatic lifeforms, suggesting the Grungarian homeworld is oceanic.

It is unknown why they had such a diverse biology; it may be some sort of biological caste system or possibly different forms that a Grungarian might change into (like a caterpillar to a butterfly). A more likely scenario; however, might be that all the various Grungarian subtypes are actually separate sentient species from the same home planet, but are simply referred to as Grungarians as a whole.


Grungarians were a warlike race race of marauders, reviled as scum by many.

The Grungarians, mainly the brawler subtype, were known for boxing one another to pass the time, which also served to ready them for close-quarters combat. The Grungarians were also keen on keeping themselves fit for combat, particularly the brawler subtype, who would do push ups on and on when not pressed into combat.


The Grungarian Marauders appeared to be restricted to the edges of the Polaris Galaxy, since most planetary defense systems seemed to keep them at bay. However, an angry former Qwark fanboy named Zurgo made a deal with the Grungarians and shut down the planetary defense networks on three worlds: Markazia, Ebaro and Proteus VII. With these worlds rendered defenseless, the Grungarian Marauders invaded these worlds.Ratchet, Clank and Qwark had to defeat them by themselves, or Zurgo would shut down even more planetary defense networks, opening up new worlds for the Grungarian Marauders to raid. The trio managed to defeat the Grungarian horde on all three worlds, but Zurgo used a weather-altering device inside the planetary defense network on Ebaro (which Qwark installed when he was president to make the weather nice when he visited a world) and turned the lush tropical jungle into a freezing jungle of terror. The trio managed to shut down the planetary defense center, but they realized that Zurgo might do this to other worlds besides Ebaro. And thus the trio discovered Zurgo's lair on Ebaro, and battled his Grungarian allies. After the trio confronted and defeated Zurgo, the Grungarian Marauders appeared to retreat back to the edges of the Polaris Galaxy, no longer posing a major threat to the rest of the galaxy.

Behind the scenes

Grungarians were originally known as Minions according to CreatureBox‏‎ concept art.


  • Several other subtypes of Grungarians were set to appear in the game, but never got beyond the drawing board. Two types that were cut from the game resembled large crocodiles; one pink with spikes on it, another green with fins on its head.
  • The Grungarians have somehow managed to obtain Missile Minions to serve their ranks, quite odd considering these machines were originally built to serve the Creature Collecter.


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