R&C Grummelnet Flux Compression Generator
This is a GrummelNet Flux Compression Generator. It emit's a supercharged blast of radiation at a radius of fifty kilocubits.
―Clank describing a Grummelnet Flux Compression Generator.  

A Grummelnet Flux Compression Generator was a device that emitted a supercharged blast of electromagnetic radiation at a radius of 50 kilocubits.[1]

Clank's E.M.P.

Ratchet: Holy crap.
Clank: Indeed, it is quite a powerful device--
―No, I mean "holy crap, I didn't know what this was and almost used it to make pancakes last summer."

After Ratchet and Clank escaped from Artemis Zogg's warship and landed on Veldin, they eventually stumbled upon their house and hid in the basement from Artemis Zogg's warbots. Clank found a Grummelnet Flux Compression Generator in the basement. Ratchet had the item for several years without knowing what it was and had almost once used it make pancakes.[1] With only minutes before a break in, Clank uses it to emit a supercharged blast of electromagnetic radiation, disabling all electronic devices within 50 Kilocubits, including himself. The affects of the device were only temporary, lasting for a total of 60 minutes, then any robot who was affected by the blast recycled it's CPU and then rebooted.[1] Ratchet managed to escape the house and make it to the Planetary Defense Center. Clank then rebooted, unharmed by the effects of the blast. The device may have been missing a few components, as Clank placed some sort of aerial on top thereof and then wrapped a piece of wire around it - alternatively the parts could have simply fallen off.[1]


Notes and references

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