Grummels were a race believed to have lived in the Solana Galaxy. During the Blarg campaign in Solana the Grummel Planet was destroyed by Drek. By the time of Percival Tachyon's fall, there was only one Grummel remaining, so that it is presumed that the entire species was killed by the Blarg when their planet was destroyed. The entire species, but one.

Grummel ClonesEdit

The last surviving Grummel in the universe, Grummel One, decided to clone himself. He used these clones to stock the vendors for the largest vendor emporium in the Polaris Galaxy, GrummelNet.

These Grummels clones were interstellar gypsies and, thanks to Polaris Defense Intiative 1887-Upsilon, could be found all across the Polaris Galaxy. Throughout most of his escapades in Polaris, the Lombax hero, Ratchet, used GrummelNet stock and would come across these clones many times.


  • While cloning himself, Grummel One added a distinctive accent to each vendor he created.


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A Grummel Clone in PlayStation Home