The Groundpounder was a boss found in the Polar Sea of Planet Magnus, and was only fought once in the entire game. It was a hovering mech with two huge hammers for hands, operated by an Operator. It appeared to have been built for the sole purpose of breaking floating ice sheets. However, as soon as it spotted the heroes, it came over and fought.


The Groundpounder only ha one form attack, which consisted of using its two giant hammers to pound one of the three ice sheets the heroes were standing on. It was easy to spot which sheet it will pound, but if the heroes get hit they will sink into the freezing waters. It was important that the heroes be on different floating ice sheets to prevent all the heroes dying at once. Otherwise this boss is extremly easy to defeat. After being defeated, the mech sinks into the frozen sea. After a few seconds the frozen remains of Pilot Robot of the Groundpounder will surface.

Punder pilot

The Pilot


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