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The Groovitron Glove functioned exactly like the original Groovitron, except that it was now categorized as a weapon. The Groovitrons were thrown out from a glove (hence the name),[1] and floated in the air and temporarily induced uncontrollable fits of dancing in enemies. This allows for a good laugh, and a chance to attack the affected enemies without resistance.

Original series

A Crack in Time

It was first available at the Agorian Battleplex for 22,000 bolts, and 11,000 bolts with the Tools of Destruction discount.[2] Once upgraded to V5 it became the Groovibomb Glove, which played rock music instead of disco, and with an added effect: the Groovitron ball would eventually drop to the ground and explode.

GrummelNet Preview

"If you find yourself overwhelmed by enemies, the Groovitron is the perfect tool for tipping the scales back in your favor. Simply throw one into a large crowd. The Groovitron will emit a mesmerising tune which triggers fits of uncontrollable dancing. This will give you extra time to replenish your ammo, make your escape or deliver a crushing blow to your would-be dispatchers using the incendiary weapon of your choice. The Groovitron Glove. Available only at GrummelNet."

Full Frontal Assault

The Groovitron glove in Full Frontal Assault was exactly the same as the one in A Crack in Time, except for the fact that it only had 1 ammo at LVL1. It was very effective against Grungarian Tanks as it would leave them open to all sorts of attacks. When it upgraded to LVL3, it became the Alpha Groovitron Glove. A Groovitron Mine could also be bought with bolts.

Ratchet & Clank (PS4)

Ratchet & Clank

While not named as "Groovitron Glove", the Groovitron weapons were deployed from a special glove.

In Game Summaries

Can be upgraded to the Alpha Groovitron Glove which emits Groovitrons with more lights for a longer duration.
Holocard description  [R&C (PS4)]


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