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This article is for Groovitron, a device. You can look for the Groovitron Glove, a weapon in A Crack in Time; or the Groovitron Mine, a weapon in Full Frontal Assault'.

Don't go anywhere! I intend to kill you just as soon as this song's over.
Tachyon under the Groovitron's control  

A Groovitron was a floating disco ball that played mesmerising music, causing anyone near it to dance uncontrollably. They could be purchased individually as a device for a price of 500 bolts from a device vendor, and later as ammo for the Groovitron Glove for a price of 400 bolts. In PlayStation Move Heroes, this device became a power up for Ratchet when he collected enough crystals. The effects of the Groovitron allowed for a good laugh, and a chance to take out any dancing enemies.

Original series

Tools of Destruction


The Groovitron making some space pirates dance

Groovitrons were devices and could be purchased for 500 bolts each at device vendors. The Golden Groovitron could be purchased for 2,000,000 raritanium in Challenge Mode, this upgrade to the Groovitron worked the same as the regular Groovitron with the exception of unlimited ammunition. The skill point Everybody Dance Now was acquired by making all enemies in the game dance with a Groovitron.

A Crack in Time

Devices were removed, and Groovitrons returned as ammo for the Groovitron Glove, a glove weapon that threw Groovitrons. The skill point Terachnoid Rave could be acquired by making 12 Terachnoids dance with one Groovitron.

Full Frontal Assault

In Full Frontal Assault the Groovitron returns as a defense weapon in the form of a mine, sending a groovitron ball into the air whenever activated by a Grungoid.[1] The Groovitron Glove returns and can be collected in weapon pods.

Into the Nexus

The Groovitron appeared with its own section in the museum on Planet Igliak, when activated it would cause the Valkyries in the room to dance and also start causing the platforms to rise and fall, when the second button was pressed, the disco lights would come on, causing the Valkyries to change their dance style, and start to make more of the upper platforms move.

Ratchet & Clank (PS4)

This weapon creates an instant dance party, making enemies vulnerable to attack
―Weapon Description  [R&C (PS4)]

The Groovitron returned as a weapon in Ratchet & Clank (PS4), with the same function as previously.

Weapon summaries

Get down and groovy with the Groovitron! Once activated, this funky invention forces all nearby enemies to stop shooting and dance - leaving them wide open to all sorts of attacks.
―Survival Guide Device Description  [ToD][2]
Uses scientific-proven harmonic wavelengths to hypnotize enemies. Affected victims shake their bodies in rhythmic patterns, some of which may be socially inappropriate.
Holocard description  [R&C (PS4)]


  • In an interview with IGN it was suggested that the Groovitron has been proposed for several Ratchet & Clank games but was scratched for being too powerful and making gameplay unbalanced.
  • This device was shown in the Tools of Destruction official teaser trailer and also in the Ratchet & Clank Movie Announcement Teaser.
  • When the in-game language was switched to Japanese, the Groovitron had a whole different playlist, due to the fact that the Disco fever never hit Japan; instead, the playlist consisted of techno tracks, including a remix of Courtney Gears' Robots of the Galaxy, sang by the producer of the Japanese version, Roppyaku Tsurumi.
  • When the Groovitron was active, Ratchet and Clank banged their heads to the beat. Ratchet also taps his foot to the beat.
  • In the Japanese version, each Groovitron track started out with someone saying 'Let's go to the party!' in English.
  • All of the tracks that the Groovitron played were the same speed in beats per minute. It is highly possible that they were beat-matched in order to fit the dances of the characters to all the tracks.

Behind the scenes

In an interview with GamePro in July 2003, Colin Munson stated "For example, if we wanted a weapon that would make all the enemies in range dance to disco music, then we would need dancing animations for every enemy in the game."



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