No! Bad Mr. Dinkles! Bad!
Qwark  [A4O]
―A Grivelnox, possessed by the Loki Master  [A4O]

Grivelnoxs were apex predators native to Rykan V, and were one of the most dangerous creatures in the galaxy due to the Grivelnox's natural ability to augment its body by digesting other creatures.


Grovenox are incredibly dangerous creatures, alongside it's already great physical power, it's ability to augment its body by digesting other creatures makes it a fearsome opponent. The Loki Master seemed to consider it the greatest of all the monsters he had collected, as he chose it as his host.

A Grivelnox serves as the final boss in 'All 4 One', and thanks to being possessed by the Toranux Spirit is a much more capable fighter than normal. During the battle first stage of the battle it eats a Wigwump, giving it all of the Wigwump's fire powers, in the second stage it eats a Z'Grute, giving it all of the Z'Grute's electrical powers - including regeneration.


In the final phase of the boss fight, to kill it you must trap it by activating switches which are triggered by launching a player at them with the Vac-U. Dr. Croid and Nevo then zap it with an Extractor gun. The Loki Master, who has been possessing it the whole battle, is then able to fire at.


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