Ratchet on a grindrail


Ratchet on a grindrail using Grind Boots.

Ratchet about to grindrail in Before the Nexus

Ratchet about to use a grindrail

Grindrails were special rails that can only be used with the help of Grind Boots. They provided quick transportation to different locations. A painful fate awaited any who missed the jumps or ran into obstacles placed on. Grindrails could also be found in the form of construction beams, Railway lines, and telephone wires.

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One

TaunterMain article: Grind Tubes

In 'All 4 One', grindrails returned in the form of grind tubes; however, they were far larger and allowed all 4 players to grind on them at the same time.[1] This could first be seen in Luminopolis.

Behind the scenes

The grindrails from Insomniac Games'ss Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive, had a resemblance to those from Size Matters, the only difference was the grindrails in that game were colored light-blue instead of yellow.


Non Canon

Notes and references

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