To be a hero you don't have to do big things; just the right ones.
―Grimroth Razz's motivational advice  [R&C (movie)]

Grimroth Razz, usually just referred to as Grim, is a mechanic from the Polaris Galaxy and the adoptive father of Ratchet, as well as his mentor.

He is the owner of a garage on Veldin where he and Ratchet do repair jobs on ships.


Pre-Ratchet & Clank

Grimroth was born in the Polaris Galaxy and later moved to the Solana Galaxy with his twin brother, Felton Razz, a few years prior, in order to start new lives.

While they were young, Grim would often dare his brother to do extreme things such as ride down the Torgoff Waterfall in a barrel which would anger their father.

Soon afterward Grim took up his own business repairing ships on Veldin. He eventually found and adopted a infant Lombax, named him Ratchet, and took him under his wing as a student.

Ratchet & Clank (PS4)

Ratchet tried sneaking out of the garage to participate in the Galactic Ranger try-outs but was caught by Grimroth, who told Ratchet that he could not leave until he repaired Mr. Micron's ship.

After repairing his ship, Grim opened the garage doors and wished Ratchet luck as he headed out. When Ratchet later discovers a defect Warbot, Clank the hostile Blarg

Grimroth Razz message

Grimroth, messaging Ratchet

While on Batalia, Grimroth sent Ratchet and Clank call via an Infobot from Veldin, informing them that Grimroth has been following their adventures and reveals that he had a brother and that Grimroth and his brother did not talk much due to him to being a slacker.

He also told him that he was in distress on Pokitaru over the Blarg stealing the fresh water supply from the planet, he had tried to call Qwark, but he would just keep directing to him to his agent. He concluded to Ratchet saying "I'm proud of you, kid."

Ratchet & Clank (movie)

When Ratchet crashed Mr. Micron's ship, Grim scolded him for his constant reckless activities. He told Grimroth that he wants to participate in the Rangers tryouts but Grim is reluctant about him actually becoming a Ranger telling him to "dream smaller".

After Ratchet and Clank saved Aleero City on planet Kerwan, Grim was stunned to see the news when watching the news while eating breakfast back on planet Veldin. When Ratchet unsuccessfully tried to stop the destruction of planet Novalis, he went back to planet Veldin and rested with the intents of giving up his dreams of being a Galactic Ranger. Grim visited the quarters of Ratchet to talk to him about the Rangers constantly calling him to get Ratchet to come back.

Grim sees an old photo of Ratchet as a child standing next to Grim's rocket sledge along with two Solana Troopers. He recalled the time when Ratchet snuck into the garage and stole his rocket sledge and took it for a test drive but later the Galactic Ranger authorities pulling him over where afterwards they took a friendly picture standing next to the rocket sledge.

Ratchet tells Grim how he wanted to have done big things as a Ranger. Grim gives Ratchet motivational advice and tells him that he doesn't have to do big things just the right ones to which Ratchet agrees but still remains reluctant to go back to hero work. Later when Clank tries to convince Ratchet to come back to the Rangers, Ratchet notes that he can't after feeling responsible for a complete and utter disaster, Clank denies this claim but as Grim is watching the news, reporter Dallas Wanamaker noted that the authorities were indeed calling it "a complete and utter disaster." Grim then quickly turns down the volume and apologizes.

After Clank and the other Galactic Rangers convince Ratchet to come back and help stop Chairman Drek, he and his new assistant, Zed (Drek's former assistant), help the Galactic Rangers by fixing up their ships to began their assault on the Deplanetiser.


Grim has two tusks sticking out his mouth, one of which is broken. He also had two huge ears falling down behind his head like hair. He wore a brown leather vest along with a tool belt.




Notes and references

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