Woohoo! We never seen anything like that at boot camp!
―Green  [Deadlocked]

Green was one of the two combat bots that Big Al salvaged and gave to Ratchet which assisted him during his DreadZone challenges. Since the death of his previous owner, Green was nervous and still had nightmares about the tragedy.

Like his companion Merc, Green proved helpful to Ratchet, and after the fall of DreadZone, went to work at Galaxy Burger. He enjoyed a quiet retirement afterwards.

Green is thought to be more intelligent than Merc. [citation needed]

In a humorous moment, Green began a long-winded monologue when on a Gravity Boot track upon planet Torval. In this monologue, he mentioned he served in the Blathercon War, lost many allies (example Veldin-282 and Shakeluster-Two-Squared) as well his legs, his brief love life with a female robot called Q8-900 and her subsequent destruction and reformation into a park bench. He claimed that he can no longer look at outdoor furniture without simulating tears.

Equipment and abilities

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  • Green's name is a reference to what most recruit soldiers are called "Greenhorns."