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This is your home! The Great Clock! A marvel of science and sorcery, engineered by the brightest Zoni in all of existence and constructed in the exact center of the universe! (Give or take fifty ft.)
Doctor Nefarious to Clank., ACiT

The Great Clock, also known as the Keeper of Time or simply the time keeper, was located in the almost exact center of the universe, give or take fifty feet, in the Breegus System and was where Clank was trapped by Dr. Nefarious. The Zoni brought Clank there because he was the rightful owner of the Clock after inheriting it from his father, Orvus, the leader of the Zoni.[1] Clank also befriended a robot named Sigmund here who was the Junior Caretaker of the facility and referred to the clock as the Universe's contingency plan. It was constructed to keep the balance of time in order after improper use of time travel by the Fongoids created a small tear in the space-time continuum, destroying 83 celestial entities. Orvus claimed that using the clock improperly could rip the universe apart, and that under no circumstance should the Clock be used as a time machine (at least not for trips longer than six minutes).[1]

Due to Nefarious destroying various equipment using his Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler and the Nefarious troopers, time distortions began to appear on planets throughout the galaxy. Clank was given the task of fixing these distortions so that time was in working order once again after unlocking the Orvus Chamber, and defeating Nefarious, Ratchet and Clank redeemed Alister Azimuth, who wanted to use the clock to prevent the battle of Fastoon. Clank would then promote Sigmund to Senior Caretaker, and return to Ratchet.[2]

After the Great Clock exploded, it created a second dimension known as the Netherverse, which was used to progress in Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus.

Planet rooms

The Great Clock had planet rooms which Clank entered in order to fix various time distortions on the surface of such planets. To fix the time on a planet, Clank took control of a beam that came out his Chronoscepter and he could aim it at parts of planets that were frozen. Sometimes, Ratchet could not enter a part of a planet, but coincidentally Clank could fix that without Ratchet knowing, allowing him to progress.[3]

Jasindu Planet Room

Planet Jasindu Room

Jasindu Planet Room was a Planet Room of planet Jasindu in the Great Clock. This was the only Planet room in Sector One and the first Clank encountered. Clank originally went past it while escaping from Nefarious. He could later return and fix the planet's time to get a gold bolt.

Kreeli Comet Planet Room

The Kreeli Comet Room was a planet room of The Kreeli Comet in The Great Clock. The time on the comet could be repaired inside Clank's subconscious. Repairing the time would award a few bolts.

Quantos Planet Room

The Quantos Planet Room was a planet room in sector three of the Great Clock. Repairing time on Quantos would award you a small amount of bolts.

Torren IV Planet Room

Torren IV time fix

The Torren IV planet room was one of the many planet rooms in the Great Clock: Sector Three. Clearing time anomalies would result in no time rifts on planet Torren IV, and would also enable the ability to collect one of the gold bolts in Torren IV, that was trapped in a time rift.

Terachnos Planet Room

The Terachnos planet room was one of the many planet rooms found in the Great Clock: Sector Three. It was the most difficult planet challenge in the whole of the sector. Fixing time would result in Terachnos having no time rifts, allowing Ratchet to acquire a Gold Bolt frozen in the Axiom City foutain

Fastoon Planet Room

The Fastoon Planet Room was a Planet Room hidden in Sector Four of the Great Clock. This was the only Planet Room in Sector Four and the last Clank encountered. He would get a small amount of bolts for repairing time on Fastoon. A gold bolt can be found in the hallway next to it.


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Clank in the Great Clock

There were various different parts to the Great Clock.


Great Clock: Sector One

Great Clock: Sector One was the large corridor that surrounds the Polaris planet room, it has several corridors leading away from it to areas such as the planet room and the outside hubs. It contains walkways that go from wall to wall which were connected by fragile blue glass, although quite a lot of the glass walkways were damaged by Nefarious troops and the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler.

To escape from Nefarious, Clank entered one of the ventilation shafts where he had himself calibrated by sigmund and entered Sector 3. Clank later Rejoined Sector one to see the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler break through a glass window causing time to stop and Clank, entered a corridor to escape from the troops but Nefarious caught up with him before he could reach sector 2 where he was immobilised by Lawrence and given a tracking chip.

Great Clock: Sector Two

Great Clock: Sector Two consists of a bunch of buildings outside the planet room connected by jump pads and floating platforms.

To make sure Clank was ready to take care of the Great Clock, Sigmund taught Clank how to open doors with temporal recordings, after making their way to a memonic station, Clank met a simulation of Orvus who taught him what the chronoscepter was to be used for. He was then presented with a real Chronoscepter to fix the Great Clock with.

Before getting to Sector three Sigmund and Clank came across the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler, Clank destroyed it and the two of them proceeded to go to Sector 3.

Great Clock: Sector Three

Great Clock: Sector Three was a large planet room where most of the planets were from the Polaris Galaxy, it also has a few side rooms such as the orientation room where videos can be viewed.

Clank went through this sector when attempting to escape from Doctor Nefarious after just waking up.

After destroying the Hypersonic Brainwave scrambler, Clank and Sigmund returned to sector three where Clank repaired planets that had been damaged by Doctor Nefarious after viewing the Orientation video. After a while Sigmund left Clank to fix time on his own, Clank later found him in the Orientation room upset about Orvus no longer being with him.

Great Clock: Sector Four

Great Clock: Sector Four consists of the buildings close to one side of the Orvus chamber and the pathway leading to it, it also contains a planet room that only contains Fastoon.

After repairing most of the planets, Clank and Sigmund carried onto sector 4 to fix Memonic Station Iota, after doing so that they carried on to go to the Orvus Chamber, but soon after arriving Lawrence immobilised the two of them, while Clank was carried off to Vapidea, Sigmund remained on the Great Clock.

Great Clock: Sector Five

Great Clock: Sector Five consisted of landing pads for aircraft and the orvus chamber.

After being rescued by Azimuth, Ratchet and Clank landed on the Great Clock where Azimuth killed Ratchet for not obeying his orders, Clank ran for the Orvus chamber while Azimuth was distracted by Sigmund, Clank used the chamber to rewind time by six minutes to stop Azimuth killing Ratchet. Ratchet fought Azimuth inside the Orvus chamber. After realising his mistakes, Azimuth sacrificed himself by reversing what he had done to it, to stop time from collapsing in on itself.

Other sections of the Great Clock




  • According to Orvus and Nefarious, the Zoni were the ones who engineered the masterpiece, led by Orvus, in the center of the universe.
  • According to Lawrence, 117,000 Zoni guarded and maintained the Great Clock before Nefarious set his Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler loose and dwindled their numbers to 305, and then to 120. Ratchet had rescued 40 scattered Zoni throughout the Breegus System with the Zoni Vessel and returned them to the Clock, and the rest of the remaining Zoni seemed to return in the end.
  • The Great Clock had over 4.3 trillion moving parts, making it the most complicated piece of machinery in the known universe. Second was the IRIS Supercomputer, and third was a Terachnoid juice maker.
  • According to Alister Azimuth, Kaden was the first outsider to theorize it ever existed.
  • The computer that governs the Great Clock runs on PK-17 sisterboards with a raritanium vector shell. The only other computer with this setup was the IRIS.[4]
  • There was a plot-hole regarding its real name. On Torren IV, Alister says to Ratchet that "Clock was a rather crude translation of the runes on Quantos. It specifically says 'Keeper of Time.'" But during recordings of Orvus, (such as the orientation video), Orvus himself calls it a clock ("The clock, like time itself, is a gift."). However, it could be that he wasn't speaking his own language.
  • There's another plot-hole regarding the time travel capabilities. If the Clock cannot be used directly for time travels that were longer than six minutes (as it would rip the very fabric of existence), it can; however, be used indirectly as a time machine. The Clock can fix time anomalies but can also create them. For example, on Morklon, Sigmund creates a time rift to allow Ratchet and Clank to travel 10 years in the past, and changing history by helping the Fongoids winning the Gimlick Valley battle, which constitutes a paradox.
  • This was the only location that it appeared the first and last level in the game, the other one being planet Veldin in Ratchet & Clank.

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