Greasepalms mcgee

Greasepalms McGee's ship

McGee, better known by his nickname "Greasepalms McGee", was a pirate boss in the Verdigris Black Hole, whose ship slightly resembled Puffy Pants Wallis' ship, with the skull design. Once you had flown into the black hole, McGee would appear (seemingly out nowhere, whereas with the others, you could see where they came from).

McGee's ship was extremely durable, able to survive and move around inside a black hole without damage. His arsenal included a payload of missiles from its rocket launchers and a strong rapid fire weapon that shot deadly plasma balls at Ratchet from the "mouth." He also had energy beams that stretched across Aphelion's path. After a certain point in the battle, the energy beams would come at a faster rate. Greasepalms McGee's weak point was accessed in the 'mouth' of the ship, during his plasma ball attack. This was arguably the easiest of the weak points to get, (the hardest being Iron Crotch Caruso's), partly because there was plenty of time to get it.


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