Gorn was a dangerous planet where the only sign of life was on the peaks of mountans high above the surface. Gorn was very stormy, so steering a spaceship too high will usually attract lightning and destroy the ship. Gorn was also very foggy, so anyone who steered a ship too low would most likely get lost and crash into something.

Additionally, Gorn was essentially a completely lawless planet, as the planet was crawling with pirates and bandits. The lawless nature of Gorn made it an excellent base of operation for the criminal enterprises of Thugs-4-Less, whose fleets were often stationed in Gorn's atmosphere.

If this was not enough to scare most travelers, Gorn was also haunted by undead fleets of spaceships that somehow returned from the dead to exact revenge on those that killed them.

The Thugs-4-Less fleet stopped at Gorn on their way to their HQ on Snivelak. Ratchet, in hopes of saving the kidnapped Angela Cross, attacked the fleet and destroyed it. He then departed the planet after he saw that the Thugs had moved Angela out that quadrant.

In Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One some critters came from Gorn.


Gorn has always been a notorious world, strife with pirates, raiders and bandits. If that is not enough to deter most visitors, the planet is also haunted by ghost ships. It was this lawlessness and criminal record that made Gorn an excellent base of operation for the Thugs-4-Less, whose fleets were often stationed on the planet.

At some unknown point in time, Ephemeris raided Gorn for several exotic species for use by the Loki Master in creating an army of Loki possessed creatures to wreak havoc on the universe.

Desperate to discover information regarding about the whereabouts of Protopets ready to be sold to the galaxy, Angela Cross secretly boarded a Thugs-4-Less Carrier Ship on planet Gorn. She quickly learned the Protopets were being stored at the Distribution Center on planet Smolg. Before she could relay the destination of the Protopets, the Thugs-4-Less Leader passed by the console from which she was using to contact Ratchet and Clank aboard the Thugs-4-Less Prison on planet Aranos. She managed to hide in time, unfortunately she sneezed in ear shot of him. In a desperate move, she pretended to be a kitten, which fooled the Leader for several seconds until he realized she was no kitten. Realizing who she was and who she was calling, he ordered his Thugs to take her to Thugs-4-Less Headquarters on planet Snivelak.

Ratchet Gorn

Ratchet flying the Star Explorer on Gorn

Ratchet and Clank quickly got in their Star Explorer, and left Aranos for Gorn. When they arrived, the entire planet was crawling with Thugs-4-Less fighters and four Thugs-4-Less Carriers. Using the Star Explorers weapons and superior flying skills, the due destroyed the entire Thugs-4-Less fleet. Angered at the loss of so many vessels and men, the Thugs-4-Less Leader threatened the duo, unaware that he inadvertently giving them coordinates to the Thugs's HQ on Snivelak. With the information at hand, Ratchet and Clank left Gorn for Snivelak.

When the Thugs-4-Less fell apart following the events of Going Commando, the planet no longer hosted the massive Thugs-4-Less fleets.

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