Gorda City

Ratchet on Ice in Gorda City

The Gorda City ruins, formerly known as Gorda City, was a city on planet Oltanis. This once vibrant city was reduced to ruins following the Blarg invasion, where the Blarg indiscriminately destroyed anything. It, like the rest of the planet, was ravaged by lightning storms and thus employed dozens of lightning generators to absorb lightning strikes for use as energy. After Drek stole the lightning collectors and unleashed an armada of Blarg Bombers on the city, however, the city became ravaged with lightning as the bombers destroyed the city and the inhabitants were forced to retreat into their homes, driven deaf by the noise. Ratchet later met Sam the scrap merchant, also driven deaf, who sells him the infobot.

Upper City

Upper City was the northern section of the Gorda City ruins. During the blarg invasion of Gorda City, blarg forces had stationed robotic forces and installed defense turrets all across the city, which was heavily monitored by Blarg Heavy Interceptors, to keep the area secure.

An abandoned Gadgetron Morph-O-Ray was located in this section of the city.


  • The Large Tilting Tower that was seen in Gorda City was more like a transport hub where cars and trucks were seen going through in and out. Another one that most likely seen was at the Gadgetron site on planet Kalebo III. In there it was seen as well.
  • Gorda means "fat" in Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Note that the lightning stops if the player purchases the infobot, dies, or leaves the planet.