There are forty platinum bolts in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, all of which are spread over the twenty planets or systems. You can find out how many platinum bolts you have collected by looking in the items section of the pause menu. If you do not know which planets the remaining bolts are located on, by scrolling through the locations in the ship, below the missions a summary of platinum bolt for each location will be given. (Unavailable in the original PlayStation 2 game. It will just show how many that you have, used, and have remaining. )

Platinum Power

The Platinum Power trophy

Platinum Power is a gold trophy in the high-definition re-release of Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando also available through Ratchet & Clank Collection. Collect all 40 Platinum Bolts to obtain this trophy.

Platinum bolt locations

Oozla Cave

The platinum bolt inside the small cave

Planet Oozla

  • After purchasing the Tractor Beam from the scientist, move the small and medium pillar to the cliff on the right. Put the small pillar on the left side and the medium one on the right side to reach the top.
  • After completing the missions, go back into the swamp ruins area heading southeast from your ship. Immediately after crossing the first body of water, look to your left where a dragon-like creature will be waiting. Hop on its back and let it carry you to a cave with the platinum bolt.

Maktar Resort

Maktar Resort platinum bolt

The first platinum bolt

  • From your ship, take the path to the left until you reach a limo. Ride in the limo and it will take you to an area with cranes. If this is your first time visiting, you will have to defeat Brutes, but do not destroy the crates on the right. Since at this point in the story you do not have Clank with you, you can only reach it by jumping on the crates. If you are returning with Clank; however, you can simply use his Thruster or Heli-Pack to reach the ledge.
  • Go to the Jamming Array. Jump on top of the limo, then onto the limo's left engine (your right if you are facing the rear of the limo). There you will see a small platform. Double jump up to the platform and there will be a Jump Pad in the center. Jump straight up and you will hit the platinum bolt at the peak of the jump.

Planet Endako

Endako Crane

The platinum bolt hidden in the crane area

  • When you are operating the crane in the area with three rooms, get the metal box in the last room and bring it back into the second room. Drop it to the left of the same wall the camera is mounted on—you can see the side of an elevated door frame. Put a Decoy Down in front of the door to help with positioning. Grab the explosive crate and stack it on top of the metal box to blow the door open. Go there on foot and enter the room to find the platinum bolt.
  • On your way to Clank's Apartment you will encounter a Thugs-4-Less helicopter. Go a little bit farther, straight beyond an obvious right turn, to a ledge. Down the ledge is a ladder. Drop down onto the ledge to get your bolt.

Planet Barlow

  • Enter any of the hoverbike races and when you pass the part with water, accelerate slowly and make a sharp turn to the left to get the bolt.
  • Take the swingshot path directly behind your ship and continue through the first water tunnel. Walk out of the building after jumping from the water, stop and turn around before continuing onto the rotating platforms. The outside wall of the building will have a small greenish-grayish ledge you can jump up to grab onto. Climb around this ledge to the rear of the building. Drop onto the ground at the back of the platform and swingshot your way across to the rotating platforms. Inside the cave take either path at the fork as they converge, kill off the hoards of Gadgetron Hound of Cuddly Death and grab the platinum bolt at the rear of the cave.

Feltzin Space System

  • On the fourth challenge, complete your way through the 50 rings against Ace Bunyon, flying through each one. You will receive the platinum bolt as your reward, along with the regular bolts you win for completing the challenge.
Notak Building

The platinum bolt behind the first building

Planet Notak

  • Take the path to the left of the ship, with the enemies that jump out of the glass store displays. After riding up an elevator, there will be an area with two short bridges and a large spinning statue. Cross the second bridge rather than taking the second elevator and there will be another display case with an enemy. Walk to the right of this building to a blue sign with a yellow "M" MegaCorp logo. Smash the sign to reveal the platinum bolt. 
  • Straight in front of your ship there is a bridge that leads to the wharf area. Immediately after crossing the bridge, turn left. There will be a small metal edge between the river and a grassy area. Walk along this edge behind a building and to the right will be a platinum bolt.
  • After getting the second bolt, continue straight ahead from the bridge and turn left into the hall with red lights and a pool of water. After reaching the dock area, walking just onto the dock and looking to the immediate right will reveal a dynamo activator on a higher dock level. Defeat all of the enemies in the area and return to the dynamo activator, activate it, and run back to the top of the dock in a reasonably quick time. After jumping over a gap, straight ahead there should be a now open door with a platinum bolt behind it. 

Planet Siberius

  • After destroying the first few MSR IIs, there is a Tractor Beam column just as you get off the descending elevator. Use the Tractor beam to drag the column with you into the elevator and go up. Take the column with you back to the gap. Place it on the edge of the gap and boost jump to the column, then onto the roof.
  • Return to the entrance to the elevator, but continue straight to the edge rather than entering. Double jump and glide down to the grey roof of a low building across the gap. Drop down into the fenced yard and search to get your reward.
Tabora Freezing

The platinum bolt in the freezable water area

Planet Tabora

  • This bolt is lying on open ground in the far northeast of the desert, close to the edge of the map.
  • At the end of the Momentum Glide course is a platinum bolt.
  • Inside the mining facilities is a place where you have to freeze the platform in order gain enough height to reach the other side. Instead of freezing them the normal way, freeze them so that the first platform is the highest (facing the direction you came from). Now jump to the highest platform, and look to the left to see a small opening with the bolt inside.

Planet Dobbo

  • In the final room of the Momentum Glider flight, pull up when you get in. The bolt is in between the diamond shaped bars at the highest part of the room.
  • Spiderbot Required: There is an air vent indoors that blends in to a silver-colored wall after a series of swingshots and platforming (after the area with the watchtower). Use the Spiderbot to enter the vent and activate a switch inside there. A door will open along the path you are going.

Planet Joba

  • Take the main path until you come to the first area with a turret gun. Past this section will be a small building. Once you go through it and return outside, look to the right and you will see a Swingshot target. Double jump to hook onto it, then follow the path and kill the enemies until you reach a door. Step on the switch in front, or go to the left thereof and jump through the window, to get to the bolt.
  • Continue on the main path until you reach the Levitator. Fly straight up to the tall tower on the left to reach the bolt.
Todano Room

The platinum bolt hidden inside the room where the Fizzwidget Bot goes to

Hrugis Cloud

  • Similar to the bolt in the Feltzin System, complete the race on Challenge 4 with flying through all 65 rings to get it.

Planet Todano

  • Follow the Fizzwidget robot. At the end will be a small building that has the platinum bolt.
  • In the room with an inspector bot, and two tractor columns and two force fields, use the column to block the force fields and tractor the inspector bot onto the pad. Then get in between the force fields and pull the columns into the middle with you. (Not necessary if you have completed all the missions, the force fields are deactivated). Use them as stairs to reach an opening above. Follow the path until you reach the Qwark Fan-Boy. The platinum bolt is inside the building next to him.
  • Spiderbot Required: At the next point that requires an inspector bot scan (right after the elevator), move the tractor beam column next to the conveyor belt on the right wall. On the end of the conveyor belt there is a small air duct. Send a spiderbot into the vent and follow it until you reach a floor switch. Hit it then return to Ratchet. Double-Jump up to the conveyor belt above the one you are on. Go to the end of this belt and enter the small room to get the platinum bolt.

Planet Boldan

  • From your ship, run up the stairs then take the path to the left. Defeat the enemies until you reach a room with two staircases, one on the left and one on the right. Once this room is cleared of enemies, send a Spiderbot up the left staircase, then follow the wall on the right until you reach a glass wall that has a small opening at the bottom. Enter this hole and step on the switch inside, then switch back to Ratchet, take the right staircase, and the wall (on the left side of the area) will now be open.
  • Go past the armor vendor and walk down the wall as per usual. Go through the doors at the bottom of the wall and follow the winding path. You should come to a clearing with a handful of enemies and a large amount of crates. Go up the elevator to the point where there is a Swingshot and enemies on the other side. Look down and to your left. There should be a vacant spot, looking like an elevator, with a platinum bolt there. To get to it, glide from where you are.
  • You must clear the missions in this planet in order to get this one. Go to the area where Ratchet and Clank were captured. Use your SwingShot to reach the upper level and the platinum bolt should be there.

Planet Aranos

  • From where you find your ship, look under the glass you are standing on to see a platform. Jump and glide down to it and a Levitator pad should be down there as well as your platinum bolt.

Planet Gorn

  • Fly through all 53 rings (all of them in the course) and the bolt will appear at the end of the race.

Planet Snivelak

  • At the beginning of the bridge with the Armor and Weapon vendors, face away from the bridge and look to your left to see several dynamo targets, jump and glide down to the platform under them. Use the Dynamo as you jump continuously on the platforms to reach the bolt. If you have not obtained this bolt before going into challenge mode you can use the first-person mode wall climb. (Double Jump at wall in first person mode then press square repeatedly to go up the wall)
Smolg Platform

The platinum bolt on the floating platform above the Levitator course

Planet Smolg

  • In the area with the huge crates in the warehouse, use the Dynamo to turn on the crate and get on top of the crate. There will be two crates close enough to wall jump. Jump between your crates to the right then stretch jump to get your reward.
  • On the third Levitator platform, stop and fly towards the really high platform to your left, it should be on top of it.

Planet Damosel

  • To get this one you must go to the bank near the water fountain. Freeze the water and grind across it to get to the bolt. A taxi will be there so you will be able to return.
  • Requires Hypnomatic: Once you get to the MegaCorp Pyramid, use the Hypnomatic on the robot on the top. Lead the robot to the front wall of the pyramid (jumping down the ground leve), which is the opposite side of the MegaCorp-M. Detonate it in the middle of the wall where you can see the outline of the destroyable section. It will be inside.

Planet Grelbin

  • Use your map in order to find this one. In the snowy wastelands find two parallel lines. Look carefully. It should be right next to them.
  • In the final part of the underwater section there should be a switch you have already hit on the floor of the pool, and you will see off to the side that you can swim deeper into a tunnel, follow the tunnel to the platinum bolt
  • In the tunnel behind the armor vendor, and take the second left. Use the Hypnomatic on the robot to open the door. Climb up the ladder.The platinum bolt should be there.
Yeedil Grindrail

The platinum bolt after the hidden grindrail

Planet Yeedil

  • From the suspension bridge at the beginning, go to the end of the bridge and grind up the left side of the bridge and the bolt should be up there.
  • After the room with waves of Troopers and before a Hovertank at the end of the level, there is a column with a tractor beam target. Move the column and climb the stairs to the grind rail. Ride it to the platinum bolt at the end.