Clank using Glob Lobber

Clank using the Glob Lobber

The Glob Lobber was a gadget originally used by the Agorians so that they could anchor their warships in low gravity areas. Ratchet, Clank, Qwark and Nefarious found a few in Aldaros Plains. It shoots globs of purple goo onto the ground that can sticks objects together or trap enemies when they stepped on it. The Glob Lobber has infinite ammo.


On certain parts in the game, plates are seen with a special icon resembling a cluster of bubbles, on floating platforms or hanging from something else. Here, the Glob Lobber must be used to shoot its globs of slime against the platform, adding more weight to it, lowering the platform for the player to jump on. It could also be used to slow enemies down.


  • When the globs shot by the gadget are looked at from upclose, it seems as if these globs have eyes in them; therefore, it is possible the globs shot by the Glob Lobber are actually living creatures.


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