Gladiolas were an aggressive, warlike, and sapient species. Gladiolas were vaguely humanoid in appearance with reptile skin that was either greenish yellow or a dark blue. The most notable feature of the species was it large gaping jaw filled with razor-blade like teeth. A large number of Gladiolas could be found on Station Q9, where they served as gladiators for Annihilation Nation.

The Gladiolas would carry two weapons: a sword or a whip. Sword gladiators would go up to their adversaries and try to cut them in half, while whip gladiators would run up to them and spin the whip around on the floor. They were relatively weak and could be killed effectively with a variety of weapons. They later evolved from a blue color to a yellow one.

The species was known to use swords and whips during combat.



Notes and references

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