Palace Guard
Palace Guards

Two Glaciara Palace Guards next to Ivana Lottabots

The Glaciara Palace Guards were robots tasked with guarding Ivana Lottabolts' Palace. They were heavily armed and would prepare to shoot anyone who tried to get into the palace without a proper invitation. A Glaciara Palace Guard was seen guarding the palace's frontdoor, and two other were protecting Ivana Lottabolts herself. After Clank escaped from the palace, an entire legion of Glaciara Palace Guards were sent to capture him. They failed, and several of them were destroyed during the chase.


  • The Glaciara Palace Guards wore a uniform similar to the ones of the Buckingham Palace guards.
  • The Glaciara Palace Guards never spoke during their appearances, not even when they crashed against trees or rocks while chasing Clank.
  • They were ordered by Ivana to shoot Clank while he danced with her. However, Clank saw them and used Ivana as a shield to reflect their shots and send them back at them, destroying them.