Glaciara was a comet that drifted around the edges of the Solana Galaxy.[1] Ivana Lottabolts father colonized the formally barren comet, amassing a hefty fortune that his daughter eventually inherited when he died; currently the comet belongs to her.


Composed of ice and rock, it was large enough to allow permanent structures to be built on it. Despite the comet's freezing climate and thin atmosphere, some hardy plant life managed to grow on it. The majority of the comet's terrain was ice fields. Light snow constantly fell on the comet.

Clank's search for the Eye of Infinity

During Clank's search for the Eye of Infinity, It was here that Clank had to dance with Ivana Lottabolts and avoid her traps by dancing Ivana into them. After the dance, Clank skied down the snow slopes to get away from the guards and succeeded in escaping.
Ivana Lottabolts' Palace

Ivana Lottabolts' Palace

Wildlife and Flora



Behind the scenes


A glacier is a mass of ice.


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  • This planet holds the only special mission that allows you to control Clank

Notes and references

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