The Giganto-Mech was a huge robot controlled by the Thugs-4-Less Leader.[1] In the year 5355, it was the latest and greatest in mech technology.

The duo fought it at Thugs-4-Less Headquarters on
Big Big Mech
Snivelak. Its attacks included seeking missiles, lasers, fireballs, throwing flying ships, smashing the turret you are in with its fist, and rings of deadly energy on the ground. The giganto mech doesn't take much damage from Ratchet's weapons, so he has to use gun turrets scattered throughout the fortress. He has to move from turret to turret because, after the mech takes a certain amount of damage, it will get angry and either smash Ratchet's turret with its huge fist, destroy it with a laser, or shoot fire balls at it. He also tries to destroy it by throwing a ship at it, but it's possible to shoot the ship before it hits you. When the fight is over, the duo free Angela Cross and take off for Smolg.


Giant Mech

Ratchet fighting the Giganto Mech

By using First Person Mode, it is possible to destroy him faster using RYNO II and firing at his chest. Around 200 ammo of RYNO II (two complete magazines) are needed to kill him, so the player has to move around the battlefield to collect ammo for RYNO II.

It is also possible to kill him with just the Tankbot Glove. Simply move behind a corner of a building. If you position yourself correctly he will be unable to do any damage to you as his shots will all simply hit the building. While he's distracted pull out your Tank Bot. Steer it right next to the giganto bot's leg then hold down the laser shooting button and fire the Tankbot's missiles as fast as you can. Do this until the timer runs out and then simply repeat the process. You should only have to do this about 6 times (5 times if acid mod is installed).

It is also possible to use the Sheepinator if you've clipped through the wall into the fight. Simply aim the ray between the base of his legs and fire while strafing slightly. Once the mech transforms into a sheep, hit it with the wrench and run toward the cutscene trigger for the fight. The mech will be destroyed instantly.

Another tactic that can make the battle far easier is simply shooting him with the turrets and exiting them before the seeking missiles hit you. This will prevent you from taking any damage.

Giganto mech battle

Concept art of the Giganto Mech


  • The Giganto Mech is the second biggest boss in the game series so far, only the Biobliterator being bigger.
  • The Giganto Mech is one of the only boss enemies fought in Going Commando that did not receive an entry in the title's in-game Monsterpedia.
    • It did originally have an entry in the Monsterpedia, labeled as Thugs-4-Less Leader (Giant Mech).[2]


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