Emperor, see the crown, see the scepter, the giant walking throne and legion of loyal robotic commandos? Emperor!
―Emperor Tachyon to Ratchet and Clank  [ToD]
Tachyon final battle 1

Emperor Tachyon preparing to battle Ratchet and Clank on Fastoon

Emperor Percival Tachyon, crowned prince of the Cragmite species and leader of his empire, traveled atop a giant walking throne. It served as his seat of power as a ruler, had a variety of weapons for very effective use in combat, and also assisted him when getting around due to his short stature. He was seldom seen without it, no matter where he was.


What's this? No! No! Work, you infernal machine!
―Emperor Tachyon during his final battle with Ratchet and Clank  [ToD]
Tachyon's attack

Emperor Tachyon's attack on Fastoon

After setting out on a campaign to bring back his brethren and restore the Cragmite Empire, Emperor Tachyon amassed a large army of Drophyd soldiers and Imperial Cruisers to make up his Imperial Army. Because of his relatively small size, Tachyon took to travelling atop a tall, mechanical throne to boast his authority and make him more of intimidating. He first dispatched his army to the Lombax homeworld of Fastoon so that he could get revenge on them for banishing the Cragmites and use the "Lombax Secret" to bring them back. With his enforcers decimating the city, Tachyon personally led the ground assault atop his throne, eliminating many Lombaxes. Those who survived retreated into the Court of Azimuth, save Angela Cross, Ratchet, Kaden, and Alister Azimuth, who was forbidden from joining his kind because he had inadvertently helped Tachyon build his army by showing him their technological secrets.

Tachyon Metropolis

Emperor Tachyon in Metropolis

Emperor Tachyon hunted all Lombax fugitives over the next few years, defeating and killing Kaden in one-on-one combat. He failed to catch Angela or Azimuth, but soon located Ratchet on Kerwan in the Solana Galaxy. With his warships and ground troops scouring Metropolis, Tachyon had his commander track Ratchet's position. After a failed attempt to evade Tachyon's Drophyd Gunships and the warship the emperor was piloting on the grindrails, Ratchet was trapped on a platform by four Drophyd troopers as Tachyon landed his cruiser. The emperor then emerged from the ship atop his large throne, revealing himself fully. After a brief introduction and argument over Ratchet and Clank's disrespect for Tachyon's title, during which he boasted his 'giant walking throne,' the duo managed to evade him and escape on the cruiser. Ratchet threw Clank to the ship, but was then blocked by Tachyon, who was ready to personally kill the Lombax with his throne.

Tachyon PO'd

Emperor Tachyon confronts Ratchet and Clank in Metropolis atop his throne

Ratchet struck the leg of the mechanical throne with his wrench, knocking Emperor Tachyon over despite his efforts to keep balance. Ratchet and Clank then escaped in the Imperial Cruiser as the Drophyds opened fire. The ship's autopilot sent them to Polaris, where Tachyon and his army followed them. Throughout their journey, in their efforts to undermine Tachyon's authority, Tachyon could be seen sitting in his throne on broadcasting screens promoting Lombax propaganda to try and flush Ratchet out as he was tirelessly hunted on several planets. He was briefly seen outside these messages when he viewed a battle in the Imperial Fight Festival arena. As Ratchet and Clank entered this tournament (the Lombax using the alias "Mustachio Furioso"), Captain Qwark, working undercover as Tachyon's confidant and arena announcer, presented the emperor as he sat in his throne from a viewing screen.

Tachyon ad

Emperor Tachyon advertising the Imperial Army on Reepor

Eventually, after the Lombax and robot joined the resistance against the emperor along with Talwyn Apogee, Cronk and Zephyr, the "Lombax Secret," revealed to be a device known as the Dimensionator, was discovered. It was first stolen by space pirates, then by Qwark, who then mistakenly landed on the Cragmite homeworld, Reepor. As Emperor Tachyon dispatched his enforcers and soldiers to hold off the Lombax and his allies, he himself marched into the Cragmite Ruins atop his throne, cornering Qwark on a platform high atop a foggy abyss and pinning him down effortlessly under the machine's metal foot. He then claimed the Dimensionator and wore it triumphantly, laughing delightedly as Ratcher located him. As he prepared to use the device to return the Cragmites to the galaxy, Qwark began going on about how he enjoyed the appearance of the ruins, only to be firmly silenced by Tachyon pressing his throne's foot over his mouth.

Tachyon Reepor

Emperor Tachyon confronts Ratchet, Clank and Qwark

After the Cragmites were brought back as Emperor Tachyon laughed evilly from atop his throne, Ratchet and Clank were sent falling into the abyss of the planet by the shockwaves of the Dimensionator. They later regroupped with Talwyn, Cronk and Zephyr and separately headed to Meridian City, Polaris' capital, which the Cragmites were attacking to gain control of the galaxy. Once there, Ratchet was unable to completely repel the attack of the warships, but managed to track down Qwark, and thanks to Clank's hint from the Zoni, realized Tachyon was gathering his forces on Fastoon. As Ratchet, Clank, Talwyn, Cronk and Zephyr battled through Tachyon's Cragmite and Drophyd troops, Tachyon approached them in an Imperial Cruiser, telling them to meet him in the Court of Azimuth for a final confrontation. In the court, Tachyon sat in his throne, perched on a ledge high above the room and hidden in the shadows. He spoke of his skirmish with the Lombaxes and desire to finish off Kaden's son, Ratchet.

Tachyon Asteroid Dimension

Empeor Tachyon, Ratchet and Clank in the asteroid dimension

Moving his throne around on the ledge as he spoke, Emperor Tachyon gave Ratchet the one opportunity to join the Lombaxes in their new dimension or stay and be killed. Ratchet chose to stay, knowing full well that if he left Tachyon with the Dimensionator, it would bring doom upon his allies, his race, and the galaxy. Closing off the wormhole he had opened to the Lombax dimension, Tachyon then made his throne leap down from its perch, mechanical limbs deployed and weapons ready to eliminate Ratchet once and for all. He used his throne's assortment of weapons and proved to be a formidable opponent for Ratchet, but was unable to overcome the Lombax's arsenal. After being dealt a certain amount of damage, Tachyon's mechanical throne then froze in its tracks as he prepared to combine it with the Dimensionator's weapons. Greatly frustrated, Tachyon banged the "infernal machine," demanding it function properly. In doing this, he accidentally opened a wormhole with the Dimensionator.

The wormhole then began to suck Emperor Tachyon in as he screamed, attempting to keep attached to the floor with the throne's metal feet. The claws scraped against the ground, but were unable to match the force of the wormhole, and the emperor was sucked into an asteroid dimension. As Ratchet jokingly commented on Clank's accuracy of the dangers of wormhole devices, the arm of Tachyon's throne reached back through and pulled the two in with him as the portal closed. Standing his throne upright, Tachyon expressed his fury that the Lombax had ruined his plans, and proceeded to use his machine's full power and his own warping powers to finish off Ratchet and Clank. Despite his best efforts, the emperor was defeated, and his mechanical throne was destroyed, sending him flying into the air and crashing on the ground. After furiously declaring revenge, Tachyon fell into a black wormhole opened by the Dimensionator when the section of the asteroid he was standing on broke, transporting Tachyon to the depths of an alternate dimension.


The throne was operated by Emperor Tachyon from multiple levers in his control seat. When not holding his scepter, he would lay or stand it beside him in the seat. The throne was equipped with four metal clawed legs used for walking, jumping, hovering, and clamping onto surfaces. It had shield generators and also had several retractable arms deployed from holes on both sides of the control seat used for close-quarters combat. The arms also could use a huge variety of weapons and munitions such as firing lasers, plasma beams, missiles, balls of fire, mechanical drones that were launched directly from the hands of the arms and many other weapons.

Behind the scenes

The vehicle is referred to by Tachyon as his "giant walking throne."


  • Tachyon's anger at the technical difficulties of the machine during his battle with Ratchet suggested that he had dealt with it often.
  • If Ratchet hit Tachyon during the final boss, one thing he would say was "Cursed Lombax! I just had this in detail!" suggesting modifications were made to the throne before their fight.
  • If the Groovitron is used during the final battle Tachyon will say different quotes like "Don't go anywhere, I'll kill you as soon as this song finishes." or "Great, now this infernal song will be stuck in my head ALL DAY!"