The Big Bad guy just got bigger!
Vox during the battle with the Giant Mech  [Deadlocked]
Vox's Giant Mech

Second form


First form

Vox's giant mech is the final boss of Ratchet: Deadlocked, it is fought in two stages, one as a small mech and another as a larger with a screen on it.

The mech can launch multiple lasers and also cause its wings to be electrified, it can also shoot spider-like robots and create solid holograms of enemies that were fought during the game. Its larger form is faster and more durable and can use all of the first forms attacks, as well as grabbing a camera and launching it causing a big explosion, and launching satellites which would make lasers connecting to each other.

In its smaller version, it can make Rhyno Swarmers and Ghost Zombies. However, in its larger version, it can make Tremors and Executioners. The enemies he summoned were much more powerful, and apparently were holograms.


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