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Giant Clank

Giant Clank was Clank transformed into a larger enhanced state.

There were two versions of the Giant Clank form; the first was an Ultra-Mech, first seen in the game Ratchet & Clank. While transformed, he was enlarged and fitted with a wide array of heavy machinery. He could shoot rockets from his arms, launch energy bombs, knock enemies out cold with one punch, and crush opponents under his huge weight.

He was around 50 times taller while being giant (around 110 ft or 33.5 meters) when using an Ultra-Mech Pad to transform. The second was a non-Ultra-Mech version referred to as Alpha Clank[1] which Clank could take on by himself without assistance and was the same size as Qwark.


Giant Clank
Giant Clank

Clank transforms into Giant Clank

The technology that enabled Clank to enlarge was developed by a scientist on planet Quartu, and was originally intended for Drek's use. Clank used this special form several times, including the fight against the Ultra-Mech Unlimited robots, the beginning of the fight against Chairman Drek.

In Going Commando, Giant Clank fought against the Thugs-4-Less Leader on Dobbo orbit so that he and Ratchet were able to enter the MegaCorp Games on planet Joba. He also fought the Mothership on the moon over Damosel. In Up Your Arsenal, Giant Clank fought the Terror Of Talos in a Secret Agent Clank episode.

Alpha Clank FFA

Alpha Clank

In Size Matters, Giant Clank flew through space fighting Technomite ships as well as fighting Otto Destruct. A dream version of Giant Clank is also fought as the boss of Dreamtime, he is invulnerable and attacks by throwing butterflies, eventually he dissapates into butterflies.

In Secret Agent Clank, Giant Clank flew through the Quasar Fields on his way to Hydrano to find his ship.

While Giant Clank does not appear in Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, Clank's RYNO VI Protosuit is similar in appearance to Giant Clank. Giant Clank was originally intended to appear in this game and concept art of Giant Clank was supplied by CreatureBox‏‎.

A smaller version of Giant Clank named Alpha Clanl appears in Full Frontal Assault. Comically, he has a Lombax plushy on his back. Alpha Clank has no extra abilities in this game but is used as Clank's armor, his melee attack is the Fists of Justice (the same as Qwark). He is also a lot smaller, just being slightly larger than Qwark, and Clank does not need an Ultra-Mech Pad to take on this Alpha Clank form an is able to do it by himself.

Behind the scenes

Giant Clank all 4 one concept
  • Giant Clank was originally going to appear in Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, but no role was found for him and he was cut. The team mentioned that they had much nostalgia while planning the Giant Clank's role in the game.



  1. [[wikipedia:CreatureBox‏‎|]]'s 3D Artwork for Giant Clank in Full Frontal Assault was labelled "Alpha Clank."