Who did you say gave you this thing?
Ratchet  [ToD]
The Zoni! They are little invisible creatures, who travel through time!
Clank, describing the Zoni to Ratchet  [ToD]
Oh… right…
Ratchet  [ToD]

The Geo-Laser was one of Clank's upgrades in Tools of Destruction. The Zoni upgraded Clank with this gadget (without Ratchet noticing) when Ratchet and Clank couldn't get past a door in the Apogee Space Station. It was used by using the SIXAXIS motion-sensitive controller to guide the laser, to follow the target reticules. The laser could cut through natural surfaces when there were no other ways to get somewhere. A bright green beacon would appear on Clank's head to navigate Ratchet to an area where he could use the Geo-Laser.


  • The geo-laser symbol was very similair to the symbol of the Refractor.


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