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Oltanis Moon Base Broadcast

The Gemlik MoonBase

Men, you are about to embark on a very dangerous mission! We will be launching a heavily armed surprise attack from our new moonbase against a completely unarmed planet. Actually that doesn't sound too dangerous…
Drek  [R&C]

The Gemlik Moonbase was a space station that was located in Oltanis Orbit. Created by Drek, the base was built for two reasons; as a station to attack Gorda City, and to attract Ratchet and Clank so that Qwark could eliminate them on sight. A Gold Weapon armory/vendor/show room was hidden on this base at the Control tower at the Runway where Ratchet met Qwark.



Behind the scenes

  • The pronunciation of the Gemlik base is "gem" rather than "jem", which many players believe it to be.


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