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Gaspar was a Blarg-owned planet in the Solana Galaxy that is colored orange and red - from planetary orbit. It was covered with volcanoes and lava but kept itself balanced and inhabitable at the same time. Since it was a very large planet, it was used for many things.

Drek bought the planet for his scientists so that they would have a large environment in which they could work on building useful gadgets for the Blarg, as well as warships and weapons. It was also a Blarg military base and refulling station for warships, as the Blarg Destroyer fleet can attest. The planet appears to be home to only military and science personel. Also Gaspar was the staging point for Blarg assault on Batalia, as proven by the refueling Blarg Destroyers and Bomb Tanks stationed inside the base and maps of Fort Krontos.

In Ratchet & Clank, Ratchet and Clank traveled to the planet and explored the Blarg Depot to recover the Pilot's Helmet that was developed there to pilot new Blarg ships. They also destroyed refulling Blarg Destroyers headed back to bomb some more of Fort Krontos on planet Batalia. On this planet, the Walloper can be bought for 7,500 bolts. The Walloper was easily the most useful and powerful weapon on this planet, being able to defeat Seekers very easy.


Blarg Depot

Blarg Depot Start

The Blarg Depot

Blarg Depot Ship Yard

The Blarg Depot's Shipyard

The Blarg Depot was a base on planet Gaspar where the Blarg scientists invented weaponry, gadgets, and useful items for Drek and the Blarg. It has many futuristic towers with rings on them for unknown reasons, and many Blarg and their robotic creations could be found there.

The Blarg Depot also had a shipyard, where several Blarg Destroyers could be found. Supposedly, they were refueling. Ratchet could destroy the Blarg Destroyers by breaking the refueling machines, which would in turn make the Blarg Destroyers explode.

Another odd thing about the Blarg depot is that small red rocks fly around in the sky like tiny meteors.

Ratchet and Clank went there to get one gadget of the Blargian inventions, the Pilot's Helmet. Many Turrets could be found on their path.


Behind the scenes


Gaspar is likely derived from the word gasp, as Gaspar has a thin atmosphere.

Its name could also come from an area in Canada called Gaspesie.


  • Gaspar was the only planet in Ratchet & Clank that had no cutscenes featuring Ratchet or Clank.
  • Gaspar was the planet where the Blarg fighters were seen if you wanted to get the skill point.
  • Gaspar seems to have a weaker gravitational field, as many rocky objects are seen floating about in the atmosphere.