Uya galaxy burger
Epilogue - Merc and Green

Merc and Green working at Galaxy Burger

I would have been here sooner, but I encountered some heavy duty resistance.
Skid McMarx, UYA
Enemy troops?
Clank, UYA
Well… uh, not exactly… the drive-thru at Galaxy Burger was wicked slow and…
Skid McMarx, UYA

Galaxy Burger was a fast-food chain that had several eateries in the Solana Galaxy.[1] One such eatery was located in Blackwater City, planet Rilgar.[2] Qwark hid from Nefarious's Amoeboids during their invasion of Blackwater City in the women's restroom at Galaxy Burger. Skid McMarx later encountered "heavy duty resistance" (a long drive-through act) at Galaxy Burger on the way to the Obani Moons, which caused him to arrive late. Also, when former DreadZone Combat bots Merc and Green escaped from the DreadZone Station, they went to work at Galaxy Burger for a while before retiring.


Notes and references

  1. Qwark will sometimes order the crew of the Starship Phoenix to take him to the nearest available Galaxy Burger.